Thursday, April 28, 2016

Returning With Honor having Blessed Everyone They Met

 Each of these young missionaries have become so dear to us!!!  We are so grateful for their faithful service, for their fine examples to us and everyone around them, for the strength of their testimonies, for their eagerness and great ability to share the gospel with everyone, for their friendship and support. As we look at them as they return home, we know the future of the church and their individual futures are very bright.  They will continue on their mission to bless others....


This month our dear friends, Elder and Sister Crane also returned home. Their example of love for the Lord, each other and all of us will live forever.  No doubt they touched in the sweetest way hundreds of lives and we are so grateful for the privilege of serving with them!  We love you Elder and Sister Crane! 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Maryland Baltimore Mission Welcomes Three New Missionaries

We were delighted today to welcome three new missionaries.  Despite the packing, good-byes, lack of sleep, buses, trains and planes of their last 24 hours hours these three well-prepared young people looked excited and energetic as they arrived this afternoon.  We are so grateful they have joined us!!!

Following dinner and a brief devotional, each new missionary visited with President Christiansen and then headed to bed.  They were up early the next morning, eat a quick breakfast and jumped right into training along with their newly introduced trainers!!!  By noon each companionship was headed off to their new areas.  We are so excited to have them here!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Senior Outing: Annapolis Naval Academy

The Maryland Baltimore Mission has surely been blessed with some of the most talented, wise, giving, hard-working senior couples in the entire world. They fulfill various crucial assignments that allow the young missionaries and wards and branches to function; and support and bless in a million other ways.  They use their wisdom, creativity, maturity, perspective and wealth of collective experiences to lead, solve, teach, show living examples of gospel living and its blessings, and bring hope and faith in Christ to every setting they find themselves in. We love each of them dearly!!!