Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Marlows, The White House and The MacCabes

 Elder and Sister Marlow are some of the most warm and wonderful people you will ever meet.  The greatest news we received in the month of May was that although they were being released, they were coming back to our Mission to least for a while!!!  What an amazing blessing  We love you Elder and Sister Marlow and are so grateful for the privilege it has been to serve with you.  We are grateful our friendship and association will be able to continue on in close proximity - what a great blessing!!!

We are grateful for Elder and Sister Moss for arranging for our senior couples to tour the White House.  We enjoyed a great lunch together after.


At the end of May our dear friends, Elder and Sister MacCabe, finished their mission as Military Relations missionaries on the Naval Base in Annapolis.  These two are an inspiration to all who have the privilege of knowing them.  They have served many, many missions and lived a few more years than us, and still have more energy than we do!  We are grateful for all they have taught us by deed and example.  We will be forever grateful for the blessing it has been to serve with them.  We love you dearly Elder and Sister MacCabe and you will be greatly missed!! 

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