Saturday, July 11, 2015

Miracles in the Emergency Room

We were hoping that we could go three years without a trip to the Emergency Room - we did not quite make 3 weeks:)  But the experience was worth sharing.  One of our newer elders was just yards from their apartment when an unusual curb caused him to crash on his bike.  Through a series of tender mercies he was grinning from a gurney in the hallway of the emergency room of a downtown Baltimore hospital when we arrived.  HIs wonderful companion was by his side. Our two missionaries were such a stark contrast from all of the other people there.

As they prayed for comfort  two members came by at different times, from different hospital departments, and found them "coincidentally".  One was a less-active lady that they made a very sweet impression on.  Their smiles, bright countenances and spirits, drew people to them.  By the time we all left at 3:30am we had had multiple of opportunities to share the gospel - even pass along cards were graciously received by the attending doctors as we left.

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